What is SodaStream Connect ™?

The 21st century deserves a 21st century water fountain. Enter SodaStream Professional – a connected hydration ecosystem made up of three parts including a beautifully designed water dispenser, a personal QR code that enables seamless sign-ins and account connectivity, and a companion smartphone app to link it all together: SodaStream Connect ™.

The SodaStream Connect ™ app helps you stay hydrated on the go, but it offers more than just great tasting beverages. It also allows you to set daily hydration goals, automatically tracks your water intake to help you stay hydrated and encourages reusable bottle use to reduce single-use plastic waste.

How does SodaStream Professional work?

SodaStream Professional is a connected hydration ecosystem made up of three parts: a beautifully designed water dispenser, the SodaStream Connect app, and a personal QR code that links your drink preferences and reusable bottle to your account for easy pours.

Together, these elements provide a simple, smart way to track hydration and plastic bottles saved, as well as customize your water drink of choice while on the go.

To get started:

  1. Download the SodaStream Connect ™ app via the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account using an email address.
  2. Add your bottle to your account by scanning its QR code with your phone’s camera.
  3. Visit your nearest SodaStream Professional, scan the QR code on your bottle or app, and create your custom drink!
  4. Use the app to view your last pour, favorites, drink history, favorite combinations, water intake, plastic bottles saved and more.

How do I add a bottle to my account?

Once you create a mobile app account, you can add a bottle by navigating to the ‘Edit Account’ section in the mobile app and clicking on “Add your bottle.” Add your bottle by scanning its QR code with your phone’s camera.

Where can I find my QR code?

QR codes for account access can be accessed on the SodaStream Connect ™ mobile app. You may also apply a QR code sticker directly to your reusable bottle.

Where do I get the QR code sticker for my bottle?

SodaStream Professional will work with partner workplaces, universities, and retailers to distribute QR codes. Be on the lookout for local communication on how to get your sticker.

Do I need a certain type of bottle in order to use SodaStream Professional?

No, you can use any reusable bottle with SodaStream Professional system.

How can I customize my drink?

Who says water can’t be personalized? SodaStream Professional offers several customizable options to help you create your perfect pour, including your choice of still or sparkling water, and delicious, unsweetned flavor options. You can then personalize the flavor intensity, temperature and CO2 level, depending on your current cravings, mood or activity.

To make your refills easier, use the app to view your history and ‘favorite’ the past pours you like best.

Why does SodaStream Connect ™ track your water intake?

As more people think actively about their overall health and wellness, hydration is a bigger priority then ever. We want to give people an easy, automatic way to track their water intake and meet their personal hydration goals.

What is a Hydration Goal? Can I change it?

Hydration Goal is your daily target of water intake to stay hydrated. Yes, you can change the goal based on your preference through the SodaStream Connect ™ app.

What does the Hydration Goal recommendation mean?

Current research from several different sources, including the Mayo Clinic and the Institute of Medicine, recommend drinking at least eight 8 oz glasses of water each day.

What is Bottles Saved?

It’s our view that once people realize the ease and impact of using a refillable bottle, they will be less likely to turn to a single-use plastic bottle. So, with each pour at SodaStream Professional, it calculates how many 16 oz plastic bottles you have saved to date, which will appear in the app as a fun way to track your personal environmental impact overtime.

How do I ‘favorite’ a drink?

Once you pour a drink from SodaStream Professional, your mobile app account will show your drink history and display an option to ‘favorite’ it for future pours.

How do I turn off push notifications?

In your phone’s settings, go to where you manage your notifications and turn off notifications for the SodaStream Connect ™ app.

Is there an age restriction on the app?

You must be at least 14 years old to use the SodaStream Connect ™ app.

Where can I find SodaStream Professional near me?

For now, you can talk to your office or campus administrator for location information. In the future, you will be able to locate your nearest SodaStream Professional and flavor availabilities in the map within the app.

What is the nutritional information for SodaStream Professional beverages? Do the flavors contain artificial sweeteners?

All SodaStream Professional beverages are sodium free and unsweetned. You can find more information at www.pepsicobeveragefacts.com.

What does SodaStream Connect ™ app track?

In the same way that apps remember your previous coffee and lunch orders, SodaStream Connect ™ tracks your drink history and preferences for easy future refills. Even better? The app also automatically tracks your water intake and number of plastic bottles saved. Now you can easily measure your hydration and your environmental impact.

If SodaStream Connect ™ is not working, what should I do?

For equipment concerns, please call the phone number listed on the sticker found on the SodaStream Professional dispenser. This will direct you to a customer service representative.

For product quality questions or concerns, please contact us at: https://contact.pepsico.com/pepsico

For technical questions or concerns with the SodaStream Connect ™ app, please contact us at: SodaStreamConnectTECHSupport@pepsico.com